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Bury the Guess Work. Regain Your Time. And Multiply Your Income!
What if you could build a strong, reliable business? Bootcamp is a 12-Week training course to take your business to the next level!
Our active Bootcamp students are averaging 4X growth!

Student average in first 60 days
16 Customers | 12 Recruits | 182 Prospects

The flexibility to control your own hours. The confidence to share your passion with the world. And the freedom to choose how you want to live your life.
Introducing Elite Business Bootcamp, a proven step-by-step system to multiply your team & customer base and turn it into reliable income. All from home.
Finally, the all-in-one course that just works:
  •  Even if…you’re just starting out
  •  Even if…you have a busy family life
  •  Even if…you don’t know very many people
You joined this business to create some extra income for you and your family. But when you started, did you dream of...
  •  Chasing people around and getting rejected
  •  Wasting your time on prospects who are never going to buy from you
  •  Spending time away from family and no sales to show for it
...just because you've been told this is "how it is" and this is "the work" you have to put in?

What if this business could be different?

Imagine if you woke up everyday to:
  •  Your Facebook Messenger full of active conversations
  •  To see 3 new sales and 1 new recruit... consistently in your back office everyday
  •  Not having to miss family events because you have to work
  •  Not being worried about money.
  •  Deciding to go hiking that morning just because you feel like it!
  •  You go to the store and you focus on the value of things and not the cost!
This isn’t just something “other” people do.
You can be at the tippy top of your company too, even if you have kids, family and limited time!

In fact, if you were like me when I first started, 3 kids, 2 dogs, school activities, bills and a full-time career… I just didn’t have enough time in my day to “do” the business.

I wanted to create more income for my family, but ultimately...what I really really wanted... was to spend more time with them and the freedom to control my own hours.
Hi. I’m Eric Johnson. I help busy Network Marketers be more successful. I was a network marketer just like you, but before I became one, I was stuck in a dead-end corporate job, and never got to see my wife and kids. I started a side-hustle in network marketing trying to save some money since we had not been able to save a penny for almost seven years.
I just wanted to earn an extra $500 a month. I couldn't grow any further in my career, yet I was always working. I "looked" successful, but I couldn't save a penny. I was never present, always working.

The thing is, my boss at work did not like the idea that I was doing network marketing on the side. Typical...right?

I remember his exact words..."Are you 'all in' or not?"

I was frustrated because what I did on my own time was not any of his business... I finally hit a wall when he gave me an ultimatum: either give up network marketing, or leave my job.

My job provided security for my family, but it had no future. And network marketing had a future, but it was a long way off from providing security. I would have to make a leap of faith or have my dreams squashed forever.

I really wanted to be successful at network marketing, so I did what my up-line told me to do. I put in the work on my free time and started working the "biz". The results were sub par, and I was busier and saw my family less than before!

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I had been teaching business owners how to consistently sell for more than a decade. I was helping these businesses go from 35k to 6 figures in less than a year. So I knew this stuff worked. 

Although, it was a completely different industry, I applied these same core principles in my own network marketing business. And it worked...first 500/month, then 2k/month, 5k/month...

I became a leader very quickly and started teaching this to my downline. In fact, I started doing this so much I started creating a 'system' to make it easy for my team to follow.

I really learned how to make my business successful. I wasn't just making a few bucks here and there, I wasn't just getting a taste, I was really all in.

Suddenly, I had a business capable of supporting my family. I was able to see a future where I would not be worried about money, where I had a lot more time and I could be present daily for my family...

That’s when I realized that I could make more by helping the people who really wanted to be helped.

Compared to other network marketers, I was...
  •  Finishing my 'income producing' activities in less than an hour a day
  •  Not bugging friends & family
  •  Not losing friends or damaging relationships
  •  Not being pushy or salesly
It was crystal clear to me that I needed to create some sort of system/ tool that people could just turn on and go!

So, I assembled a team to help me build it. We chose to call it Teamzy. 

First, we built a CRM, and in the first 2 months, we had over 1,000 network marketers... I couldn't believe it.

Fast forward 2 years later, we've helped more than 50,000 network marketers build their businesses. Our active users now average 21 new customers and 9 new recruits in just 90 days!

And for me? I'm home with my family every day. I'm not worried about money anymore. I don't have to work for anybody else, I don't have to commute, and I'm not languishing in a dead end job.

Teamzy works. People are getting real results working this way and our company continues to grow!

My work is so fulfilling because it's focused on helping others to become huge successes themselves. There's no better feeling than that!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

I’m ready to show you how…

But first, I want to ask you an honest question.
Has your Upline ever told you "This is just the way it's done, don't try to re-invent the wheel"
Maybe they point to wildly successful people that have done it this way.

Yet, when you tried their approach, the results you got were rejection, damaged relationships, and an overall icky feeling.

The truth is, the old school approach can work, if you're one of the few people who can stomach it...

But there is a better way..

A more efficient, effective and fulfilling way..

You do the best you can, but when you know better, you should do better. When I was growing up I didn't eat organic food. But I do now because I know it's better for me. Know what I mean?

For most of human history, no one ever re-invented the wheel. It was probably because there was some moron telling everybody don't re-invent the wheel.
For about 4 thousand years, the old ox cart worked. And honestly, that's what the old-school, cold inviting, going for no, pestering friends and family with an offer they don't want approach feels like to me. Sure, some people were able to build a business that way...and maybe they had a few friends left at the end, but...

Thank God, someone re-invented the wheel.
I mean, that ox cart will still get you there, but I'd rather go in style and get there in 2.3 seconds!
 "Bootcamp is excellent!! I have tried a LOT of tools, but Teamzy is just above and beyond. What blows me away is the genuine training on leading from the heart and making peoples’ days. Finally, I am learning how to be successful in a way that is authentic and cares deeply about people... not all those outdated 80s sales techniques and scripts that put sales before relationships. Worth every penny!" - Kimberly L.
The Selfish Approach
You see, most of the network marketing industry teaches you to cold invite, which is putting your needs above that of the people you care about. That type of thinking often results in damaged relationships, and can leave you and your friends with that "icky" feeling. You know the feeling I'm talking about?

Take a look at this image below:
This is why this industry has a bad reputation.

It’s a selfish approach because you're only looking to help yourself. And they know this, by the way. People can sense when you’re only trying to sell them something. It comes off as caring more about the sale than the relationship.

And then comes all the other challenges in this business —between full-time jobs, kids, pets, spouses, trying to get your workout in, posting on social media, etc. there just isn’t too much time left to connect with prospects, customers and team members, or to do your follow ups (not to mention tracking it all). And when you do have time, where do you start?  It can all be so overwhelming and it’s natural to end up feeling disorganized and discouraged.

Being your own boss sometimes means you may not know exactly which activities you should be spending your time doing. Guessing is a waste of time and just 'not quitting' is not enough to be successful. You need to be doing the right things, in the right amount, consistently to win in this business.

What if it were different?

But first let's think about this...

Why does every successful athlete and business person have a Coach/Mentor?
A coach can draw more out of a person than they can achieve on their own. That's why there's a coach behind every successful person and they only keep getting better!

Why do they get a coach and we don't?

If even the world's best can benefit from advice, imagine how much we could benefit from a program that gives us the strategies, tactics and support to show us the roadmap to a successful Network Marketing business.

When I was starting out, I WISHED I had a program like this..

One that gave me...

  • Specific How-to's and tactics: To get organized once and for all, to make your time highly efficient and to give you a plan that helps you to know exactly what to do each day.
  • Step-by-step Training on Strategies: You’ll learn everything from building relationships, staying connected, what to say and when to say it, following up without being annoying and overcoming objections.
  • The Psychology Behind it All: You’ll gain a deep understanding of how and why focusing on relationships grows your business—from understanding what drives you, to leveraging the powerful ways in which your you customers become walking, talking billboards and refer you more business!
  •  Simple Game Plans to Grow my Business: Learn how to meet new people and add them to your list. Keep your sales consistent by always having leads coming through your funnel, and learn methods to close them every time.
  •  Social Media Tactics Designed to Build Trust: Learn how to effectively promote yourself on social media – from learning to become a trusted advisor in your sphere of influence to creating content that builds trust and inspires others to do the same.
  •  Help Every Step of the Way: You're never alone with Bootcamp. The system will guide you step-by-step, but it's natural to have questions along the way. That's why we have a private Facebook group to help you through every step of the way. I'll be there to check in with you, your accountability partner, and other Bootcamp members just like you, so you'll always know what to do.
  •  The Push You Need to Succeed: The thing about other programs, they kind of just give you the training and hope for the best. We make it fun to stay consistent, which is the #1 struggle network marketers face. The first thing we do is give you a partner that wants to succeed as bad as you do, and you hold each other accountable. 

The good news is that I included everyone of these into a new program that will teach you to build a successful Network Marketing business. A complete system, with tactics and strategies.
Introducing Teamzy Bootcamp
You'll get these lessons in a 12-week, online video course that covers the entire process and mindset to get your business running at full potential. It'll give you the skills and tactics you'll need to create momentum and become a more effective leader for your team.

We give you the training you need, the specific daily action plan required and create the perfect environment of accountability and support to help you succeed.
We’ve helped over 50,000 network marketers
We worked with the top business builders in various MLMs to design a course to help you master the strategies and principles needed to be successful in any relationship-based business—all in a perfect environment for consistency and action.
How is Teamzy Bootcamp different?
The first Network Marketing Training system that includes tactics, strategies and tools to go from "no customers" to "prospects" to consistent customers!
We include every step of the sale process – from prospect to customer and growing your team. All perfectly integrated together to balance each other and grow your business exponentially.

We have invested hundreds of hours into making the perfect system. We have rigorously tested Bootcamp with a group of 200 Network Marketers. We modified it, improved it and added to it...
You don't need to wonder what to do each day. We show you how to do it, and in many cases do it for you.
  • ​Stuck on how to get new people on your list? We've got you covered.
  • ​Wondering when to send those follow ups? We got 10 pre-written for you!
  • ​Not sure when to turn that conversation into an invite? We have a special course for that.
  • ​If you get stuck on what to say, we have recommendations.
"This has put a fire back in my business" - Kara | Bootcamp Student
A Proven Step by Step System
If you wondering whether Bootcamp will work for direct sellers, busy moms, just starting out, seasoned vets or no-time-having-working professionals, we've got you too.
Inside the Teamzy Bootcamp System
12-Week Course with daily action steps and workbooks
Some of the content you'll discover:
  • ​Unleash your inner power hour boss to complete all your income producing activities in less than an hour a day
  • ​How to increase conversions by 80% without being annoying
  • ​How to leverage social media to inspire, build trust and foster loyal customers and repeat business
  • ​The perfect moment to move a great conversation to an invite
  • ​How to effectively train your customers to bring you more customers 
  • ​How to overcome objections with HEART
  • ​How to overcome the negative stigma of network marketing without sounding salesy 
  • ​How to lead with love instead of going for no
  • ​How to break through the noise - when your market seems over saturated
  • ​How to meet new people and add them to your list

A Powerful CRM + Power hour
This is the backbone of Bootcamp. This is not your typical CRM, it’s designed to help you connect with people quickly and efficiently in less than an hour a day. We keep you focused on the activities you need to be doing consistently–the ones that ultimately lead to sales and recruits.

Create a consistent stream of new customers and recruit more people to your team while building loyalty & repeat business.
  • ​ Stay Organized - Find every contact, customer, and conversation all in ONE place
  • ​Generate & nurture leads and know where a relationship left off
  • ​Crush your power hour while tracking every conversation
  • ​View and track your leads and never miss a follow up
  • ​Automatically plans your day so you can be incredibly effective with your time
  • ​Get your team motivated by holding them accountable
  • ​See your performance to forecast activities, sales & recruiting
"It's been a definite blessing" - Becky | Bootcamp Student
The Ultimate Mindset - Conquer anything and never lose focus
These 3 courses will help you set and achieve your goals, stay focused and consistent on what you need to do daily, and build and deepen relationships. You'll learn:
  • ​To set your Game Plan for Success with long-term, short-term and daily goals, so you never lose focus
  • ​How to uncover your WHY so you stay consistent and never quit
  • ​Why building trust and deepening relationships is the most effective way to build your business
 "Bootcamp changes your mindset, makes you think outside the box, it educates you and the training videos are focused and to the point. It’s a tremendous value for the money!" - Bronwyn T.
Scripts Library - Proven & tested to convert
  • ​Designed for Facebook Messenger, text or any type of touch point
  • ​Browse a collection of conversation starters for staying in touch, follow ups, and re-connecting without being annoying or salesy.
  • ​Ability to create your own scripts and save them for later
3 Live Coaching Calls w/ Teamzy founders Eric Johnson and Mike Lopez
  • ​ Additional trainings based on what you need
  • ​30+ years of combined experience helping people be successful
  • ​The independent eyes of professional coaches on your business
  • ​Opportunity to ask Anything
  • ​Get ideas and inspiration from other members of the group
Private Facebook Group
  • ​Connect and synergize with like-minded builders
  • ​Find your accountability partner
  • ​Receive daily inspiration and accountability
Transform your business, your team and your life!
The full Teamzy Bootcamp System - Everything You Need to build a successful Network Marketing business
With Bootcamp:
  • 12-Week Bootcamp Training ($480 Value)
  • 3 Live Coaching Calls w/ Founders ($2,997 Value)
  •  Private FB Community (Priceless)
With your Teamzy subscription:
  •  Teamzy CRM + Power Hour ($360 Value)
  • Scripts Library - Proven & tested to convert ($100 Value)
  • Ultimate Mindset - Conquer anything and never lose focus ($297 Value)
Total Value: $4,234
Today's Price $297
And $29.99/mo Monthly Subscription
(You have the option to do a yearly subscription to Teamzy instead, which saves you $60 over a course of a year. )
(That comes out to only $2.50 per day!)
If you already have a Teamzy subscription, then your subscription will stay as is. If you're a new subscriber or in a free trial, you won't be charged for the subscription till the end of your 30-day free trial. A Teamzy subscription is required to take Bootcamp.
This offer only available until Sep 30th. Bootcamp will close and you will not be able to sign up.
Earlybird Special
Must sign up before Wed, September 25th

Bonus: Private Team Call for You and Your Team
$1,000 Value

Inspire, energize, re-engage and
get your team on the same page!
Our active Bootcamp students are averaging 4X Growth in the first 60 days of Bootcamp!

Student average in first 60 days
16 Customers | 12 Recruits | 182 Prospects

"It's been nothing short of life changing" - Rob | Bootcamp Student
This Bootcamp will put you at the top of your game for 12 weeks, and set you up for years to come!
Imagine what will happen in your business when you’re performing at the top of your game; hitting your daily action plan, being held accountable and encouraged every day for 12 weeks…!

Honestly, we think you’re going to 2X, 3X or even 4X your business in just 12 weeks.

Will it be work? Absolutely. But, it’s doable work.

And, we’ll be creating a new high-performance “normal” for you that will take you beyond the next level in your business.

I know a lot of you may be thinking you’d love to join us, but you’re worried you won’t have the time.

As the owner of your business, you have to make time!

“A leader makes decisions, not excuses.” Mike Lopez, Co-Founder Teamzy Inc.

After all, the time commitment is just 1-2 hours a day. And, we’ll help you leverage that time to be super, mega efficient.

Guys, this is it! This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to give yourself a kick in the pants–to get your business to the next level!

Let’s be honest, we are designed to work together. We’re just not good by ourselves.

If you’ve been stuck in your business, and you're looking to further grow, here’s how you break out. You need to run with the BIG dogs!

We’re going to do it together. We are going to push you farther than you thought you could be pushed. We are going to encourage and inspire you. And, we’re going to teach you, so you know exactly what to do.

 "The community, the accountability, the challenges and the growth make Bootcamp such an amazing program. I don’t want it to end!" - Becky W.
Is the Teamzy Bootcamp System right for me?
Although, I would love to have as many people join this class. I have to be honest with the fact that it's not for everybody. I'd rather work with a small group who is dedicated and want to succeed. It makes it more fun for everybody.

This is not for you if…
  • ​You are expecting a magic pill to sell and get customers. I can’t promise that. No one can. And if they do, you shouldn't trust them.
  • ​You expect results without putting in any effort.
  • ​If you’re one of those “Know-it-alls.” (You've got to be coachable for this to work for you).
It's RIGHT for you if...
  • ​You're ready to invest in yourself and put in the work.
  • ​Commit the time to build a successful business and know it's not going to happen overnight.
  • ​You understand that if you put the 5-8 hours a week and do the heavy lifting up front, you'll enjoy the rewards for years to come.
Learn a proven system and leverage ready-made tools for creating a steady stream of new customers and recruits……and learn from somebody who has not only done it, but mastered it. AND do it without feeling like a icky sales person or being rejected.

This has worked for...
  • ​Network Marketers & Direct Sellers (top leaders and newbies)
  • ​Small businesses
  • ​People that are doing this on the side
  • ​Busy moms with limited time
  • ​Students from age 18 to 77! Guys and girls!

 "I signed up 15 distributors from doing Bootcamp and the last two months have been the best two months of my business! If you do the work, show up every day, make the commitment and are committed to setting a new normal and standard for yourself, do it. What Eric and Mike teach you works!" - Rob B.
Transform your business, your team and your life!
The full Teamzy Bootcamp System - Everything You Need to build a successful Network Marketing business
With Bootcamp:
  • 12-Week Bootcamp Training ($480 Value)
  • 3 Live Coaching Calls w/ Founders ($2,997 Value)
  •  Private FB Community (Priceless)
With your Teamzy subscription:
  •  Teamzy CRM + Power Hour ($360 Value)
  • Scripts Library - Proven & tested to convert ($100 Value)
  • Ultimate Mindset - Conquer anything and never lose focus ($297 Value)
Total Value: $4,234
Today's Price $297
And $29.99/mo Monthly Subscription
(You have the option to do a yearly subscription to Teamzy instead, which saves you $60 over a course of a year. )
(That comes out to only $2.50 per day!)
If you already have a Teamzy subscription, then your subscription will stay as is. If you're a new subscriber or in a free trial, you won't be charged for the subscription till the end of your 30-day free trial. A Teamzy subscription is required to take Bootcamp.
This offer only available until Sep 30th. Bootcamp will close and you will not be able to sign up.
Earlybird Special
Must sign up before Wed, September 25th

Bonus: Private Team Call for You and Your Team
$1,000 Value

Inspire, energize, re-engage and
get your team on the same page!
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of results can I really expect to get?
We believe with the advanced training and support to help you be consistent with your income producing activities, that you could 2X, 3X, or even 4X those results. Current Bootcamp students are averaging 16 Customers, 12 Recruits and 182 Prospects in the first 60 Days!
Will this help me break out of the plateau my business is stuck in?
In this group you will take massive action doing the right things and armed with new, more effective skills. Yes, you are about to blow that plateau to smithereens.
When will this course be offered again?
If you miss the registration deadline, you will have to wait months until the next opportunity to join Bootcamp. No exceptions. Don’t miss it—or the opportunity to create massive momentum NOW in your business.
I tend to start programs like this and then not finish. How can I be sure I’ll stay engaged?
We all struggle with being consistent. That’s why we’ve created the perfect environment to keep you engaged, accountable and inspired.
Is this course just all about how to use Teamzy?
Teamzy is a critical tool that will help you implement what you are learning in a highly efficient and effective manner. Yes, you will learn how to use Teamzy at a higher level. However, you will learn timeless techniques, strategies and skills that will improve YOU as a business owner.
Is this just for people who have already built huge teams? What if I’m new?
If you are new, this is where you will learn the best practices and habits to build your business big. We’ll help you generate new business, acquire customers and recruits to your team. After this, you won’t be new anymore. You’ll be a leader teaching your team what you’ve learned.
I have a large team already. Will this program help me?
Yes! As a leader, it’s important for you to leverage your time better, get in more consistent contact with your downline and learn important skills you can share with them. Besides, speed of the leader, speed of the team. After Bootcamp, your team will be flying!
When does bootcamp start and how long does it last?
Prep Week starts Sep 30th
Week 1 starts Oct 7th
Every Monday a new video is unlocked
The final Week 12 starts Dec 23rd
Will I have access to all 12 sessions at once?
No, and that’s on purpose. Each week is designed to layer upon the last. Bootcamp is about doing, not just learning. We want you to implement what you are learning before jumping to the next training. We will release the week’s training and action steps at 6 am EST each Monday morning.
Do I have to have a Teamzy subscription to sign up for Bootcamp?
Yes, a Teamzy subscription is required to take Bootcamp.
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