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Feel in control, organized and equipped with a plan! With Teamzy you'll be able to:
  • Consistently stay in touch & stay organized
  • Automatically know who to contact everyday
  • Track all your contact activity - Facebook, Instagram, Email & More!
  • Follow up like a pro
  • Automatically plans yours day
  • Rank your contacts and prioritize
  • Don't know what to say? We got scripts!
  • Use tags to organize your customers
The traditional approach...
  • Printed off & complicated spreadsheets
  • Time consuming planning
  • Messaging random people or cold calling
  • Reminders in multiple apps
  • Going for no!
Which leads to:
  • Burnout
  • Drained energy
  • Low quality leads
  • Damaged personal relationships
Being a Beachbody coach isn't as easy as it used to be....
The game has changed.

Most people have already been approached with opportunities, likely a few times.

They're skeptical and guarded, and you have to change the way you market to them big time!

And if your only way of getting their attention is with impersonal offers and invites, then you should probably get used to being tuned out!
People prefer to buy from those they know and trust...
It doesn't matter HOW many time you message them, email them or try to convince them into a challenge group...

A cold a cold lead.

So..That's the bad news.

The good news...

A referral that comes from someone they know is far more powerful!

Why? Because it comes from someone they trust!
Make relationships not just a sale!
Today it's about building real relationships and keeping in touch consistently...

So they think of you when they need a professional.

Imagine if every person you knew was a walking, talking billboard for what you do? What would advocates like that do for your business?

It also makes the business more enjoyable working with people who actually need help or want to get fit.

You also get to spend your time providing excellent service to clients who will refer you more business.
Join over 12,000 Beachbody coaches already using Teamzy!
We've received hundreds of love messages and stories on how Teamzy has changed their business!
“I love using Teamzy! It has transformed my business. I have used it going on four months and I have gone from fighting to hit SC 5 to hitting SC 12, 24 and 14 and have hit Diamond!!! I tell everyone Teamzy really made the difference and keeps me consistent! Thank you for making such a great program for us to use!!!” - Coach Donna
“For the first time in 4 years I have been able to be consistent with contacts. My struggle was always setting follow ups and keeping track of hundreds of people. This has completely changed my biz around and exactly what I’ve been needing THANK YOU!!!” - Coach Amy
Get started now, absolutely free!
30-day free trial. No credit card required.
Introducing the creator of Teamzy
I'm Eric Johnson, CEO and Founder of Teamzy.
I was a Beachbody coach just like you, but before I became a coach I built lead generation software for the Real Estate industry for 15 years, helping people generate leads and grow their business. I understand how these things work.

I created Teamzy to helps us coaches save time and grow our business quicker. Over 12,000 coaches have tried Teamzy, seen results and loving it!
Designed by Coaches, built for Coaches
Teamzy allows you to have, in one place, all of your contact lists organized, your follow ups; it tells you exactly who to contact every single day, what to say to them and when to do it!

It takes all the thinking and planning from this business and let's be incredibly effective with your time!

I'm sure if you try it out, it'll help you grow your business faster than you could ever imagine!
Teamzy is different. It's not just an app.
It has a proven system at it's core!
Make relationships not just a sale
Know who to contact and when using our Smart Algorithms
Provide excellent service to clients & they'll refer more business
Generate leads, foster repeat business & happy loyal customers
Generate leads, manage your contacts and build relationships.
The most successful workspace for Beachbody Coaches.
The monthly investment is less than the commission on one HD sale!
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Get started now, absolutely free!
30-day free trial. No credit card required.
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